• Test Facilities


  • Plating / Painting thickness measuring equipment.
  • Digital Vernier Caliper up to 2.0 meter.
  • Offset Digital Vernier Caliper.
  • Digital Micrometer.
  • Universal Bevel Protractor
  • Portable Hardness Tester.
  • Surface Roughness meter –To check the measure of Surface roughness-Range 19.99μm.
  • Non Destructive Testing equipment- To check the surface defects of welds.
  • Weld gauge/Bridge cam gauge –To check the defects of welding before and after welding process.
  • Digital shore hardness tester – To check the hardness of rubber & Plastic items.
  • Cross hatch cutter – To check the adhesion of paint coatings.
  • Vertical Height Gauge- Measures in mm or inch. Accuracy:- 0.001mm/0.0001”
  • Gauge Block Applied Instrument – To check the calibration of Vernier Caliper
  • Salt Spraying Testing for corrosion resistance test.
  • Depth Gauge,Thread gauges,Radius gauges,Bore gauges & Torque Wrench
  • Digital Hardness Tester. -Check the hardness in HRA,HRB & HRC Scales Thermo Hygrometer