• Medium voltage


Packaged & unit Substations

substations are tailored to individual customer requirements using products from the comprehensive range, providing a convenient, single source packaged substation with minimum time and cost.

Flexibility is provided through tailored configurations from the wide choice of products available, including:

  • Transformers from 200kVA to 3MVA
  • Extensible and non-extensible ring main unit (in case of package substation)
  • LV SAIF and shielded fusegear.
  • LV ACB and MCCB feeder pillars and cabinet.
  • Automation & monitoring systems.

Technical Data

  • Type tested assemblies to,IEC-62271-202
  • Rated operating voltage up to 33KV
  • Rated up to 3000KVA
  • Indoor & outdoor applications.
  • Common skid for all equipment.
  • Housing fabricated from high quality electro-galvanized steel or -Aluminum Sheet (Sandwich panel) with sloping double roof removable canopy.
  • Separate doors for individual compartments for easy operation maintenance
  • Polyester powder coated paint finish RAL 7033. other colors available on request.
  • Transformers Oil immersed or dry type
  • SF6 or oil insulated ring main units (in case of package substation)
  • LV Switchgear (up to 6300A)
  • Transformer connection direct or through cable to RMU and LV Switchgear.
  • Roof platform with ladders for access to hvac and ventilation systems on roof.
  • Fire and blast resilient rated as per requirement.
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system with total redundancy as per requirement.
  • Internal and external lighting.
  • Fire detection, alarm and automatic fire extinguisher system with 100% reserve as per requirement.