• Low Voltage


  • Latest CNC technology in sheet metal fabrication including a combination press capable of punching and laser operation.
  • Rating up to 600k var bank .
  • Rated operating voltage up to 660v.
  • Multi step design.
  • Construction to form-2.
  • Sheet steel enclosure 1.5 mm or 2 mm.
  • Protection standard up to ip-55.
  • Ventilation system provided.
  • HRC fuses for capacitors for capacitor switching.
  • R,Y,B color coding for bus bar & wiring.
  • Special capacitors with integral protection
  • Isolation transformer provided for control.
  • Measuring circuit .
  • Micro processor based power factor correction.
  • Relay digital; type with pf reading & indication.
  • Maximum safety & reliability.
  • Adequate spacing for incoming and out going cables.
  • Custom design according to client requirements.